Infrared Thermography/Building Diagnostics

It’s not an X-Ray, but it’s the next best thing! An infrared (IR) inspection is a powerful, way of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings – residential or commercial.

IR quickly identifies problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye, such as moisture intrusion, electrical issues and energy loss.

Infrared thermography provides a powerful noninvasive method for monitoring and diagnosing building conditions. An infrared camera can detect moisture accumulating out of sight in a roofing system or wall, electrical components that are overheating, missing insulation and poor weather stripping.

How it Works

Thermography enables us to see and measure heat. All materials on earth emit heat energy, in the infrared portion of the spectrum. Unfortunately, the unaided human eye cannot see in the infrared spectrum. Thermographic, or simply thermal images allow us to see thermally, revealing anomalies that in turn identify problems in buildings and their component electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and waterproofing systems.

Today’s lightweight and rugged infrared cameras can not only see in real-time, but can also record infrared images and measure the temperatures of target objects quite accurately-to within 1/10 of a Fahrenheit degree or better. Points of possible concern show up clearly as hot or cold in relation to their surroundings.